Saturday, March 7, 2009

"All day you make beautiful things for the other gods, but you can't spare a minute to make something for me!" (said the sun god)

Now, that is some statement! All day I'm teaching, leading, reading, talking. Trying to make "beautiful things" with my students. I bring work home to read and grade papers until I nod off in fitful sleep. I spend hours planning lessons, searching the Internet, making lists. And it's now really to please the "educational gods". It's something I feel compelled -driven- to do. So, why can't I have this zeal for God? Why don't I crave His word and spend time in prayer?

Which is of greater importance? I know the answer to that one. God is higher than all things. Looking at my life,though, one would not guess I believed that. For, where our time goes, there goes our heart, to paraphrase a bit. I want my heart, my time, my love, to be in the right place. I want to make beautiful things for God. To have a beautiful time with God.

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