Monday, April 13, 2009

Poem a Day challenge - Day 13


Bookstores lure me
I’m certainly vexed
With pages and covers
Illustrations and text

Paper or hardback
What to choose
A tome or trilogy
I continue to muse

Alphabetical order
Or tossed together
Stacked and sorted
I could look forever

History, romance
Classics, how-to
Gathered in my arms
Not just a few

Home to my bookshelf
The collection grows
They sit and beckon
Poetry and prose

What to read next?
Shakespeare or Dickens?
Steinbeck, Spinelli
’Tis no slim pickins’

Binchy has her own shelf
Now numbering eighteen
There’s Sparks and Sharra
Or The Problem of Pain

Do I want to laugh?
To cry, to learn?
Ah! I’ll read the borrowed
One I must return

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