Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 11

A Numbers Sestina

Some things are meant for only one
Couples are required to be two
A triangle has angles, three
Fingers on a hand are four
Add a thumb for a fist, five
Half a dozen is a carton of six

Hotdog buns with two missing is six
A sun for our earth, just one
A bill with Lincoln, that’s five
Buckle my shoe, say two
Knock on the door, say four
Wheels on a tricycle, three

Legs on a tripod, three
Pick up sticks, that’s six
A double date would be four
A lonely number, that’s one
A pair of shoes, that’s two
Golden rings at Christmas, five

Arms on a starfish, five
A couple plus me, that’s three
Socks for the shoes would be two
A pack of soda would have six
Me? Well, there’s only one
Sides of a square would be four

My arms and legs make four
Toes in a half pedicure are five
The first is called number one
Singers in a trio, three
Legs on an insect, six
Sleeves on a shirt, two

Legs on pants, there are two
Legs on dogs, there are four
A guitar with strings, count six
Rhymes with hive, that’s five
Goldilocks and the bears, three
The first, the best, it’s one

Three people and six cookies, they’d each get two
Turn a dollar into quarters, you’d have four
Gimme five, take two, you ‘re left with three

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